Remember when Sir Bradley Wiggins rang a huge bell to mark the start of London 2012?

Well, all 23 tonnes of it are on its way back to the Olympic venue in Stratford .

Experts are preparing to permanently install the bell in a landscaped area of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Where visitors to east London will be able to see it.

The 2m hulk, which is the second heaviest in Europe and the largest harmonically tuned figure of its kind in the world, bears the inscription “Be not afeared, the isle is full of noises,” taken from The Tempest and spoken by Sir Kenneth Branagh during the Games’ opening ceremony.

Newham mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “Having the bell back in the Olympic Park so close to the stadium illustrates our commitment to respecting the legacy of the 2012 Games.

Initially, it was installed and tested at the East End site on June 1, 2012.

As well as tolling courtesy of Sir Bradley, it also rang out before Sir Paul McCartney’s performance of Hey Jude.

Chief executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation David Goldstone said: “It was a momentous occasion when Sir Bradley rang the bell to signify the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games and it is only right that such a classic piece of London 2012 history should have pride of place in the Olympic Park.”

The bell is tuned to a B, making it the lowest of any in the world.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry completed the design, profile, lettering and tuning of the bell, which was cast by sub-contractor Royal Eijsbouts in Holland.