Review: Australian Pink Floyd at Greenwich Music Time

By Rob Virtue on August 21, 2014 10:46 AM |



Australian Pink Floyd
Greenwich Music Time

In fairness, the organisers wouldn't have expected this. Not at a gig aimed at middle-aged people, set in the palatial grounds of the Old Royal Naval College.

But then it happened, a tide of insatiable passion edging towards the stage, wrong-footing the relaxed security. A faint glimmer of fear in the eyes of the band.

It all started so well. The never-ending intro for Shine On You Crazy Diamond was perfect. Time - apt for its surroundings - followed brilliantly and the female vocals on Great Gig In The Sky had the crowd in awe.

Money and Hey You were both spectacular renditions of incredible songs.

But then, with the sun departing and darkness descending, Another Brick In A Wall arrived and the itchy feet in Hush Puppies came alive.

They rose as one and shuffled towards the stage spurred on by lyrics urging revolution, shaking walking sticks at the moon (Okay, it was a variety of ages that calmly invaded the 'pit' but let's not ruin it).

After a while order was restored but then the cheeky Aussies threw in Comfortably Numb and shook it from the shackles placed on it by the Scissor Sisters, and the fans were back off their seats and shuffling towards the front again.

It was the first night of the four-day festival, Greenwich Music Time, and there were very few hiccups. A range of Meantime beer kept the audience refreshed although the small food portions may have contributed in the stage anarchy.

The breeze coming in off the Thames also had many in the front rows shivering. But the venue is a certainly unique with the stage backing on to the river and lasers beaming out on to the walls of the historic buildings.


The Pink Floyd tribute act have been touring since the '80s and there's little lacking from the real thing.

Singer Alex McNamara's range is superb, even if he does growl a few of Dave Gilmour's more tender vocals, while the guitarists played every note perfectly.

Leaving the grounds after the crescendo of Run Like Hell, with the Ocean Majesty liner passing silently by the stage, the only real thing missing was a huge blow up pig flying above the Painted Hall.