Influencers, creatives and industry professional will be heading to Excel for YouTube festival Summer In The City.

The event runs from runs from Friday, August 4-6 in Royal Docks and gives the 10,000 expected visitors an insight into the community and chance to absorb information through discussion panels, workshops and live performances.

Video stars of all ages, shapes and genres will be there to meet their fans and offer support and advice.

Here are five of them:

1) Hannah Witton

361,000 subscribers

Summer In The City: Hannah Witton

A Manchester-born YouTuber, broadcaster, and author who creates video blogs and content, mostly based around relationships, sex, sexual health, liberation, welfare issues, literature, and travel.

Recent videos include Why Having Big Boobs Sucks! Should I Get The Coil? and How to Deal With Your Sad Anxious Friend.

Her advice to young women saw her named one of eight Girls’ Champions as part of the BBC’s 100 Women campaign in November 2016.

Her debut book, Doing It was released in April 2017 and focuses on her love life and those of her friends.

2) Daz Black

335,000 subscribers

Summer In The City: Daz Black with Kevin Hart and The Rock

This dad from Hastings was a builder who racked up one million followers on Vine, creating funny characters by the names of Tea Party, Happy Cloud, and Predator.

He still loves to don wigs and costumes for his YouTube videos which have included If 50 Shades Was Real, Fan Girl Room Mate and Rise Of A Vampire.

His dream is to be a TV comedy actor.

3) SortedFood

1.7million subscribers

Summer In The City: SortedFood

Set up by four former school friends from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire who all wanted to stop surviving on takeaways and microwave meals.

In 2010 they began sharing their journey of learning to cook as a series of how to videos and it took off.

Their videos include Who The Hell Brings Salad To A BBQ? 6 Fruit Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind But You’ll Never Use and DIY Twix Bars.

4) Rose And Rosie

675,000 subscribers

Summer In The City: Rose And Rosie

Rose Ellen Dix and Roseanne Elizabeth “Rosie” Spaughton are a married British comedy and entertainment duo.

They have been praised for their positive content and open dialogue around LGBT issues.

Recent uploads include Drunk Table Tennis, Lesbian Love Doctor and The Couples Yoga Challenge.

5) The Lean Machines

381,000 subscribers

Summer In The City: The Lean Machines with Tom Daley

John Chapman and Leon Bustin are both qualified personal trainers who serve up food and fitness advice with a side of good humour.

They are big believers in sustainable dieting- so no quick fix or fad diets- and Jamie Oliver has created some recipes with advice from these fitness gurus.

Their video advice includes Top 3 Workouts For Fat Loss, How To Improve your Strength In One Minute and Losing Fat With a Ketogenic Diet.

Excel, Friday, August 4-6, £28-100

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