Lady Luck – good week for

Paris Jackson: It was just a matter of time before the daughter of Michael Jackson hit the megasphere. The 18-year-old model-cum-actress has just been signed by global talent manager Arnold Stiefel and is has been cast in new Fox series Star. Our Witch Twitch says this is only the beginning.

West Ham United: Although the club didn’t want to see star forward Dimitri Payet transfer to Marseille it will ultimately be in the team’s interest. Our Witch Twitch says the club’s loss will also be its gain.

Serena Williams: By beating her sister Venus in the Australian Open final, Serena made history winning her 23rd major title, breaking the record she shared with Steffi Graf. Our Witch Twitch says there’s even more greatness to come.

Why rapper Drake is one complicated character

Evil Eye – bad week for

Emma Watson

Emma Watson: The Beauty And The Beast actress is said to be furious at her agent for not securing her the lead role in the runaway box office success La La Land. The 26-year-old was first choice to play Mia in the musical but word is the Hogwarts’ Honey passed on it. Our Witch Twitch says quite frankly, my dear Watson, it is the casting of Stone that made the film so bewitching.

Jerry Seinfeld: Tweeting a comedy spin on the Black Lives Matter campaign has seen the comedian come under fire, accused of being insensitive. A long-time proponent of loosening up censorship on comedians the 62-year-old Seinfeld alum doesn’t appear to be winning that particular battle.

Antonio Banderas : The Mask Of Zorro star is recovering at his home in Cobham after being rushed to hospital following a heart scare. Our Witch Twitch says the 56-year-old needs to hotfoot it back to LA as the UK climate is not conducive to his health.

Is this message for you?

Micha: Someone whose name begins with the letter A is going to become very significant in your life soon.

Cailyn: Your brother is carrying a dark secret. He needs help which you must provide.

Sa’Id: You’ll find inspiration when you read an article in a newspaper. Follow your hunch.

NW: You’re not going mad things are really being moved from where you leave them. It’s not a spirit playing games but someone on the earth plain out for revenge.

Dion: Someone is going to try to hawk you something. Steer well clear, it’s not what it appears.

What is it? Fire Agate

Fire Agate

This beautiful red crystal is great to keep at your work desk as its vibrations connect with ambition and high achievement. If you want a proposal or creation to be a success then place a Fire Agate on any document connected to the project for 24 hours – you’ll be surprised by the result.

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