Lady Luck – good week for

Billie Piper: The former teen singer turned actress has picked up another Best Actress gong for her stage role in Yerma, this one at the starry WhatsOnAwards. Our Witch Twitch says the 34-year-old’s professional life is good but it’s time to switch it up again.

Sir Tom Jones: The Voice coach has been stepping out with the beautiful Priscilla Presley. The ex of Elvis Presley has been comforting the 76-year-old singer since the death a year ago of his beloved wife, Linda. Our Witch Twitch says she’s so thrilling and he’s so willing to have someone new to care for.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow: The statuesque 22-year-old model has stolen the show on the runways at London Fashion Week, outshining pals Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Our Witch Twitch says a high-profile campaign that will get everyone talking will soon follow.

Evil Eye – bad week for

Danny Dyer at the National Television Awards at The O2 Arena

Danny Dyer: The 39-year-old Canning Town actor is taking a “short break” from EastEnders, following reports the Albert Square favourite is suffering with, er, exhaustion. Our Witch Twitch says the Cockney rebel needs to be careful about the company he chooses to keep.

Piers Morgan: The opinionated presenter has pulled out of hosting next month’s Royal Television Society Awards (RTS) after a campaign was launched to get him ousted, following his support for Donald Trump. Our Witch Twitch says the Good Morning Britain host needn’t worry as his presidential pal will make sure he’s not licking his wounds too long.

Coleen Rooney: The wife of Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney has reportedly been dropped by Littlewoods as one of its celebrity brand designers. Although a dent to her ego, our Witch Twitch says, with a husband worth £82million, the WAG won’t be overly concerned.

Is this message for you?

Kristen: Buy a scratchcard this week – you’ll win more than just a couple of quid!

Adebayo: A browse in a bookshop or library will lead to a new adventure.

James: Your guides are saying your smile is not going to save you this time. Have an answer ready.

Brian: Go-ahead and book that trip you’re dreaming about. You may be tight on cash now but you’ll be flush when it comes to the time you go.

Eira: Someone is seeing you through new eyes. Capitalise on this change and it will bring you the success you deserve.

What is it? Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz Rune

The Eihwaz Rune is telling us this week that now is not the time to push against a closed door. Timing is everything. Patience is needed. An obstacle blocking a path, a delay in progress, will ultimately prove beneficial to the outcome.

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