The runes are cast and stars studied. Anthony's been on the knock out and Val's on the mend.

But who's attracted the glare of the evil eye? Find out below

Lady luck

Anthony Joshua: The 27-year-old boxer has become Britain’s breakthrough boxing hero after beating the legendary Wladimir Klitschko, picking up a £15million pay cheque in the process.

Our Witch Twitch says this is just round one for the young stallion.

Val Kilmer: After years of denial the US actor has finally acknowledged his battle with cancer, saying he’s in “the healing stages” of the disease.

Our Witch Twitch says the Top Gun star was wise to keep the news to himself, until he was ready to reveal, for putting such things into the universe can often give them more power.

Steven Gerrard: Finally, the 36-year-old former Liverpool footballer has become a dad to a little boy after wife, Alex, gave birth to Lio George on Saturday.

Little Lio, believed to be named after sports star Lionel Messi, will join sisters Lilly-Ella, 13, Lexie, 10 and Lourdes, five, making the “family complete”.

Our guides say expectations will be high but not necessarily delivered.

Cornelia Parker: The sculptor has been chosen as this year’s official election artists, the first woman to take on the role.

Parker is best-known for large-scale creations, including an installation in which actress Tilda Swinton lay in a glass cabinet at London’s Serpentine gallery.

Our Witch Twitch says her presence during the campaign will be the liveliest thing about the election.

Evil eye

Zayn Malik: An injury to his left foot saw the Pillow Talk hitmaker assigned to a wheelchair over the weekend.

Our Witch Twitch says a strength from within is sadly lacking.

Kim Kardashian: The Queen of Reality TV struck a bum note when she was photographed holidaying in Mexico.

Minus Photoshop, her overly-large rear appeared less than perfect, instantly losing her 100,000 Instagram followers. Our Witch Twitch says reality bites.

Louise Redknapp: Strictly Come Dancing star Louise has been forced to deny she and hubbie football pundit Jamie have marriage problems. Has the Strictly curse struck?

Our guides say the 42-year-old singer and presenter is going to have to make some tough decisions – family or fame.

Mark Wright: According to reports the Take Me Out: The Gossip host rushed home from LA, to wife actress Michelle Keegan, to quash rumours he was partying with ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Our guides say although there’s no truth in the gossip paradise may soon be lost.

Is this message for you?

Get that cupcake sorted Krystyna

Saffron: Check your junk mail folder before you react to office politics. You’ll find you don’t have all the information.

Jez: Your guides are telling you to “lighten up” because people are getting bored with all your moaning.

Krystyna: Opt for a Lola’s cupcake today, instead of your usual C-Press Juice. You may find more than a delicious frosting!

Pete W: Be the bigger man this week. Admit you were wrong and face the consequences. Nobody likes excuses.

Karam: The person you work with who likes to wear the colour orange is causing problems for you behind your back. We advise placing a piece of yellow jasper on your work desk to protect your space.

What's this? The Inguz Rune

The Inguz rune – learn it well

The Inguz Rune is one of great power; it embodies the universal need to share and the yearning to be desired.

This week Inguz is sharing with us the strength to bring a troubling situation or unrewarding relationship to a close.

Once you take the secateurs and prune the deadwood, new beginnings will quickly shoot.

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