Lady Luck – Good week for

Tom Daley: Stratford-based Olympic diver Tom has tied the knot with his boyfriend filmmaker Dustin Lance Black at a lavish ceremony at Bovey Castle in Plymouth. Our Witch Twitch wishes them luck – they’re going to need it!

Nicki Minaj: In a selfless sending spree, the Anaconda singer has offered to help pay the school expenses of more than 20 of her Twitter followers. Our Witch Twitch says her generosity will reap her untold riches.

Paris Jackson: The King of Pop’s daughter has reportedly just signed a seven-figure deal to be the face of Calvin Klein, plus she’s hotly tipped to play Madonna in a new bio-pic. Our guides say get used to seeing this face, it’s going to be everywhere you look.

Cast member Goldie Hawn poses at the premiere of the movie "Snatched" in Los Angeles, May 10, 2017

Goldie Hawn: After being in showbiz for almost six decades the 71-year-old actress has finally been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our Witch Twitch says there’s still life in the golden girl yet and wedding bells may soon follow.

Evil Eye – bad week for

Chrissy Teigen mixes up a cocktail

Chrissy Teigen: The supermodel wife of award-winning singer John Legend has seen a joke she made about her gorgeous features being purely as a result of cosmetic procedures backfire, with media believing her comments to be real. However, our Witch Twitch says, ever a true word said in jest.

Jose Mourinho: The Special One saw his unbeaten record against rival manager Arsène Wenger disappear on Sunday as Arsenal punished Manchester United, with a 2-0 win. Our guides say never take luck for granted – as Celta Viga (nearly) proved.

Why John Mayer is mellowing as he approaches 40

BGT: The popular ITV talent show has come under fire after putting through Russian contortion act Angara. Turns out the four-strong troupe is professional and has performed in Cirque du Soleil. Our Witch Twitch advises Mr Cowell to start looking for a new format.

Zoe Ball: TV presenter and radio host Zoe is mourning the death of her lover, Billy Yates, who was found dead after apparently hanging himself at his flat in Putney. Our guides say Zoe’s friends and family need to stay close to the Strictly during this shocking time.

Is this message for you?

Dawn: Your guides are telling you to stopping sweating the small stuff and to focus on the real problem at hand. You know what it is.

Tom A: Oh, dear. Someone is getting a bit too full of themselves. Take it down a notch or there will be trouble ahead.

Asra: Remember to look both left and right this week when crossing any road or walkway otherwise you may come a cropper.

Tinesha: Keep your brightly-coloured acrylics under wraps and your opinions to yourself this week. It’s not your battle to fight.

Curtis: A person playing a piano, possibly in Crossrail Place, is going to have meaning for you this week.

What Is It? Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus has winked at us this week, with a message for us all to be on our guard. This ancient Egyptian symbol, personified in the goddess Wadjet, is said to represent protection, power and good health.

We are being urged to take more care when going about daily lives, to check over paperwork more closely, not to take anything at face value and to listen to our instincts more clearly. This week, if something looks or feels wrong, the chances are it is.

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