Holy Kapow! It’s Comic Book Day on Saturday, (May 6) a global event to bring new readers into the world of superheroes and villains, Manga and the graphic novel. Every comic book character, be they good or bad, is on a journey in which he, she or it is confronted with challenges, internal and external, to test their strength and resolve.

They have lessons to learn, duties to perform and codes to live by. Sound familiar? We thought we’d take a closer look at some of these characters and see what messages they had to share.

How it works

Take 30 to 60 seconds to look over the six images of our chosen DC and Marvel comic book heroes. Then close your eyes and relax. One character will stand out for you, emerge in your mind’s eye. It could be male or female. This is the one that has a special meaning for you, the one whose qualities you share, need to develop or confront or who simply has a message to help you better understand your own Universe. Read and take note of what they have to say.


Henry Cavill as Superman

If the Man of Steel has drawn you to his vibration today you are being reminded you have the inner strength to take on any problem, confront any situation no matter how difficult it would appear. What or whom is challenging you at the moment?

You have a strong moral core; you are a person of your word. On the one hand you feel you should step into assist, on the other you are tired of always being called upon, always putting others needs before your own.

Everyone in your sphere knows this, too. It’s your Kryptonite. You’ll always got the extra mile, pick up the cheque, stand aside to let others step in the spotlight. What if you didn’t? What if it was all about you? Perhaps, this time, it will.


Batman, as memorably played by Christian Bale

You don’t need a super power to be a superhero. This is the message being sent to you if The Dark Knight’s batarang has whizzed by to blur your vision.

What are you afraid of? What truly lies within? There is much you keep shrouded from the world. If this takes the form of a talent, a secret, an idea, a creative project that you’re musing on in your cowl-covered head then Gotham’s finest is saying perhaps it’s now time to bring it to the attention to those in your universe.

Don’t let doubt, insecurity, fear of failure or rejection prevent you from being true to yourself – to revealing your true self. The message is loud and clear: stop hiding, start living.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman makes her big screen solo debut on June 2

Strength comes in different guises. If Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince has pulled you in with her lasso of truth you are being asked to look carefully at the image you are projecting to the world. How you see yourself is not the way that others see you.

The message from this Princess of Themyscira is stay strong and avoid getting caught up in your own insecurities or self-doubts as this can easily lead you to spin out of control. You don’t have to be a ball-buster to get ahead. A cool, considered approach is better than a hot, huffy one so, the advice here is, don’t let your emotions get the better of you.


Marvel hero Spider-Man. His next film comes out this summer

There is something or someone that has you caught in a web of paralysis. If Spider-Man has swung into your eye line today, you are being urged to look at a relationship or work situation that has run its course or that no longer is bringing you joy.

Who or what is making your heart sink? You don’t have to think too hard about the answer because you already know. What are you clinging to? What are you frightened to release? And, perhaps more pertinently, why?

Tap into your Spidey-senses to find the courage to move on. It’s not easy to let go but the message here is the sooner you swing into action the sooner your life will be filled with more meaning. Go on, you might not have wings but you’ll soon be flying.

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson stars as Marvel's Black Widow

When it comes to playing games, you are a master tactician. This is a precious life skill and, when used wisely, can bring great rewards. If Black Widow has lured you into her sphere today, ask yourself what game you are playing or if you are being played.

Are you simply a pawn or are you living up to your potential as the made piece? Perhaps, it’s time to switch tactics or even sides. You’re smart enough to recognise when the odds are not in your favour. Fortunately, you have the power of attraction, drawing people into your orbit with ease, so it will take no time and little effort to get back into winning ways.


Marvel's Storm as played by Halle Berry

If you have been challenged to look into the eye of Storm then you are being reminded that time and tide waits for no man. What have you been avoiding doing or saying?

There’s a shift in weather patterns coming, the outcome of which will be determined by how – or if – you address your circumstances. Sunshine or rain? Blizzards or blue skies? Act now and the choice will be yours. Stick your head in the sand and the message from Storm is loud and clear you’ll be caught up in a maelstrom which will leave you not just battered and bruised but reeling directionless for the next couple of years.

Still think it’s easier to close your eyes to what you know you need to do?

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