We’ve gone a bit leftfield with our three things to do for October 1 - but we’re sure you’ll recognise the theme. Just make sure you complete all of these before 12pm.

1. A pinch

Head to Waitrose to grab a pot of salt, so you can take a ‘pinch’ to throw over your shoulder to take part in another odd British tradition. Prices vary.

7am to 10pm, Canada Place Mall

2. And a punch, for the first of the month

Probably the only useful one we have on the list. Get fighting fit at Reebok Sports Club with a variety of different disciplines that include Thai boxing, Kickboxing and Fit Boxing. Membership starts at £155 per month.

5.30am to 10.30pm, Canada Square

3. And no return

Why not go AWOL this Thursday and take the morning off to pretend (we’ve all done it) to be a driver on the Docklands Light Railway? Just make sure you get a single ticket out of Canary Wharf so you fulfill the ‘no return’ portion of this absurd list. From £1.70.

5.30am to 12.30am, Cabot Place Mall

NB The Wharf takes no responsibility for anyone who misses work on Thursday morning.