Oh Monday. Here are a few things to help you wash away those start of the week blues.

1. Have a belly laugh

Some of the top stand-up talent in the UK is set to play a special gig in Canary Wharf.

Andrew Bird, Nathan Caton, Nish Kumar and Brennan Reece will join veteran Canadian comic Mike Wilmot for the Canary Wharf Comedy Club in the Eastwintergarden will host the gig. Tickets are £12.

7.15pm, Bank Street.

2. Fly to Mars

Take in Ridley Scott’s latest masterpiece The Martian as Matt Damon is stranded on Mars after his crew departs the planet, thinking he’s dead. He plans his survival as he rations food and builds a green house with his knowledge and expertise as a botanist.

Catch it at the Everyman Cinema at 12.20pm.

3. Sing the blues

Top Italian bluesman Eric Ranzoni comes to the Boisdale of Canary Wharf, playing the best of the blues, with top tunes from the likes of Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson expected. Tickets: £4.50-£27.50.

Boisdale of Canary Wharf, 8pm.