Heading for the office, life devoid of joy? Don’t worry there are things to do that will cheer you up and here are three of them.

1. Make Monday treat day

Yes, we know it’s the start of the week – good intentions and all that.

But YooMoo in Canary Wharf is challenging customers to guess the price of its frozen yoghurt to the nearest pence – for the chance to scoop the contents for free. How can you resist.

From 7am, Canada Place Mall

2. Have a mellow Monday

Soak up some sultry blues sounds at Boisdale of Canary Wharf with Philadelphia pianist JP Newton taking to the keys for a soothing musical accompaniment to the restaurant’s signature steaks. Tickets from £4.50.

7pm, Cabot Square

3. Take a trip to a snazzy cinema

Get in action man mode, head to Everyman Cinema and watch Tom Cruise as he resumes his role in the Mission Impossible series in Rogue Nation. It’ll inject some adrenaline into your Monday with its high intensity plot which sees an organisation hell-bent on destroying the IMF. Adult tickets are £17. Our 5-star review here.

9pm, Crossrail Place