The runes are cast and stars studied. The Queen's had her birthday, honours have been granted and France has gone to the polls to choose its next president.

But who's been fortunate and who's attracted the glare of the evil eye?

Lady Luck

Victoria Beckham: The Spice Girl turned global clothes designer and brand has received an OBE from the Duke of Cambridge for her contribution to fashion.

Our Witch Twitch says anything is possible when you have self-belief.

Run off: Emmanuel Macron only has Marine Le Pen between him and the presidency of France

Emmanuel Macron: After setting up his own political party, En Marche, a little over a year ago the former investment banker is being tipped to become the next President of France after winning the first round of voting in elections.

Our Witch Twitch says the power lies behind the throne.

Seen and Heard – Amber has been clocked on holiday with Elon Musk

Amber Heard: It’s official. The semi-secret relationship between the ex Mrs Depp and billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk is unzipped after the two were pictured holidaying together in Australia.

Our guides say the actress will need to bone up on The Red Planet or feign an interest in paleomagnetism to keep Elon and his rocket show.

Evil Eye

Rihanna: In a bizarre 91st birthday tribute, the Barbadian singer posted a series of images featuring the Queen’s head superimposed onto a selection of her own sexy images.

Unsurprisingly, this was not met with amusement, with followers on social media calling it “disrespectful” and “rude”.

Our guides say “off with her head”.

Kim Zolciak: The Don’t Be Tardy reality TV star has been keeping a bed-side vigil after her four-year-old son Kash suffered “very traumatic injuries” from a dog attack.

Our Witch Twitch says a life spent in front of the lens offers no protection from Fate.

Ferne McCann: The Reality TV star has confirmed she’s expecting a child with ex-boyfriend Arthur C ollins, who appeared in court on Monday charged with 15 offences following an alleged acid attack.

Our Witch Twitch says the 26-year-old Towie star needs to take herself out of the spotlight for a bit, regroup, and, most importantly, tread very carefully.

Is this message for you?

Dalton, it's time to head to Big Easy

Dalton: Take a stroll over to Big Easy sometime after work this week. You’ll be amazed at who you bump in to.

Shizuko: Stop shining your light under a bushel. You’re incredibly gifted but you’re not letting anyone know.

Ali: Your guides are telling you to strike up a conversation with that girl you smile at every morning on the Jubilee line. She smiles back at you for a reason.

Efua: Word of warning – avoid confrontation this week no matter how challenging you find a situation.

Ella: The extra hours and effort you’ve been putting in at work is about to pay off handsomely.

What's This? Native American Totem – Mouse

Scuttle with the mouse and scrutinize your life

Totem Mouse has scuttled into our lives this week, warning us to scrutinize.

Look at people and situations around you. Who’s not pulling their weight? Who’s taking advantage of your good nature.

Maybe that huge chunk of cheese, although very tempting, is simply a lure to trap you.

Mouse is saying to take a look at what is right in front of you and to take action.

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