To date, theatre company Ampersand has created plays on the election, the release of the Bedlam letters, book banning in the Maldives, the Charlie Hebdo massacre and schoolchildren being told Santa isn’t real.

Each story is chosen by visitors to The Deptford Lounge – where the pieces are performed – and the company’s Twitter followers, with comments and suggestions fed into the process.

Director Mark Stevenson said: “For 10 years Ampersand has been developing new ways of creating theatre using contemporary stories as their basis.

“In the past we have created one-on-one performances at BAC where audiences met characters inspired by that morning’s news and also toured with A Different Place throughout the UK; looking at how asylum seekers can come to terms with what they have fled from.”

For the next production of Storylines on Friday, September 4, Twitter comments and suggestions will be taken between 9am and 6pm that day – with the play kicking off at 7.30pm.

Storylines, The Deptford Lounge, Saturday, September 4, 7.30pm, pay what you think it’s worth after the show, .