I did wonder if the tour version of this adult puppet show would be as good as a West End or Broadway versions.

I went with high hopes and, thankfully, found it utterly ridiculous and hilarious from the first to the last line

This filthy version of Sesame Street starts when Princeton moves to Avenue Q and meets all the residents on the street including Kate Monster who falls for him instantly.

We follow each of the characters’ lives through song, dance and comedy – including sequences in which Lucy the Slut seduces Princeton and Rod’s final decision on whether he really is gay or not.

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The funniest part has to be when Kate and Princeton have drunken sex and they’re all over the shop – it’s a little cringe-worthy and clear to see there has been brains applied to the execution.

Songs that have now become hugely well known – Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist and The Internet Is For Porn –were wonderfully executed.

Actress Sarah Harlington who plays both Lucy the Slut and Kate Monster deserves a special mention as she expertly switched from sweet and innocent Kate to outrageous Lucy in nanoseconds.

Watching it within the intimate space at Greenwich Theatre also adds to the fun as you’re much closer to the puppets and actors you really feel like you’re part of the story.

I wanted to see it again as I was leaving the theatre the first time so that is the strongest recommendation.

Avenue Q, Greenwich Theatre, until May 24, £23.50 - £30.50, greenwichtheatre.org.uk