Mixing traditional brass and Indian music may sound like a wild musical experiment that could never work, but this isn’t an amateur trying his hand to something new - this is Shri Sriram .

Bangalore-born Shri was set to be the next big thing in the classical tabla world in India, but after discovering rock music - specifically Black Sabbath - when he went to college he unveiled so many other genres to blend his skills with.

He will be at RichMix with his Just A Vibration show, which is part of the EFG London Jazz Festival programme.

The show, also featuring The Hammonds Saltaire, is part of a music project headed by Shri, in which he brings together two distinct and diverse musical forms – Indian music and the traditional brass band.

RichMix, Shoreditch

He said: “Just A Vibration comes from me constantly trying to explain to people over the years how I mix differing genres.

“I describe it like I speak English but have an accent - it’s English but it’s not one or the other. And English is a language which is very mixed - there are a couple of French, words, and German ones etc, but it all comes together under one umbrella.

“For the show my idea is to keep the music simple but have extreme attitude within it. Not being a brass player myself – I can do bass and sitar – I will not be playing brass, but I do have background and understanding in the genre.

“I don’t ever dabble in a genre I know nothing about - I might not have worked in that genre before, but I do know bits about it and have heard a lot before.”

2pm, Saturday, November 22, RichMix, Shoreditch.