One of the world’s best loved rock bands are set to play the O2, and we’ve compiled a list of the songs we’d like to hear from Bono and the boys.

1. Elevation

“Hoo-woo-hoo” cried Bono on the band’s 2001 smash hit. The song was recorded as part of the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider soundtrack and remains one of the loudest in the band’s repertoire. Should give the peninsula a good shake.

2. Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Not about looking round John Lewis for a birthday gift for your mum, but rather an introspective look at what makes us tick. Despite its gloomy resonance, this ephemeral and upbeat track will have the O2’s U2-ites singing along with their lighters (or mobile phone screens).

3. Desire

“She’s the dollars / She’s my protection / She’s the promise / In the year of election” snarled Bono on the band’s 1989 smash hit. An edgier (so to speak) number would liven up the set, and Desire’s mix of druggy bandit imagery would be just the ticket.

4. Discoteque

What do you mean you don’t like Discoteque? A song that seems to split U2 fans down the middle. The band’s brief flirtation with electronic music in the 90s may have lost them a few fans, but at least showed a willingness to try new things. Great riff too.

5. Vertigo

“Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah” proclaimed Bono on the band’s 2004 smash hit, which has the impressive feat of coming more than two decades after their early assaults on the charts, yet is still remembered among their finest works. Another hard rocker to say “ola!” to east London.

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6. Beautiful Day

The band’s most famous song? Probably. After its zillion-selling assault on the charts in 2000, it became the theme tune to ITV’s notorious The Premiership football highlights program, scalding it onto the memory of football fans all over the country. An infectious hit with the right attitude – don’t let it get away.

7. Monster Mash

Well why not? Halloween is round the corner, and it’ll get the audience in the mood for spooks. And, earnest as they are, the thought of Bono howling “It was a graveyard smash” is enough to comfort even halloween’s most fervent opponents.

U2 play the O2 on October 29 and 30 and November 1 and 2.

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