When charismatic comedienne Ruby Wax comes to town, prepare for a good old chinwag.

There’ll be no whispers in the aisles of Greenwich Theatre , nor dirty glances cast at those struggling to unwrap a boiled sweet.

The sharp-witted star’s new show, Sane New World, is all about how our minds drive us mad so Ruby will be urging audiences to “do the talking” after the interval.

Beforehand, Ruby will break the ice with her own stories in a fresh stage version of her 2014 book.

“I’m not reading the book so I have to make it so it’s theatrical and has a story,” said Ruby, now based in London.

“I do a lot of funny stuff that’s based on having people tell me things like ‘I can’t help but listen to bad news’ or ‘my kids won’t get off the computer’. Then everyone in the audience is nodding their heads and saying ‘that’s me’.

“So when I come back in - I say ‘you do the talking’. There are so many stories which are really fascinating, others it’s sad and sometimes people say intimate stuff.

“I connect them to others to help them through things and they become friends.”

The 62-year-old is a very public ambassador and campaigner for mental health issues, yet she’s keen to stress the show is for everyone who might want to “pull out” from the rat race lifestyle.

She’s a shining personal example. When we talk she’s juggling a deadline for her new book with show preparation.

The literary task is “where her head is at”, then she’ll tackle the show, niftily compartmentalising her priorities to get the job done.

Talking of stresses, she said: “We’ve got a Ferrari in our heads and no one has given us the key. Mindfulness is one of the braking systems.

“You’re not stopping forever, you’re stopping to refuel so when you get back in the race you’re better, smarter, faster.

“I do a lot of stuff but I can manage to focus on what I am focussing on, and I can hold focus for a long time.

“So when the kids come home I can focus on them without thinking ‘I have to do that phone call now’ which is what I do when I let myself go.”

Her hopes for post Greenwich gig are that her stories gets mental health and mindfulness in the public arena.

“If I can get people talking, maybe open a walk-in centre at some point, I have done a really great thing,” she said.

“I haven’t done it yet, but I will – that’s the next thing.”

Ruby Wax’s Sane New World tour

Greenwich Theatre, November 8.