Red Riding Hood at Greenwich Theatre offers that perfect balance for a festive show – silly jokes, smut and plenty of singing and dancing.

There are numerous gags for the kids – with an equal amount that are just for the adults (like Andrew Pollard’s character being called Granny Fanny).

Cheesy though it sounds, I felt I’d been invited into Greenwich Theatre’s family as soon as the show started.

Martin Johnston as Herr Brush, Alex Spinney as Prince Arden and Anthony Spargo as Count Fracula

All was not warm fuzziness though. Red Riding Hood comes with a political twist in the shape of Count Fracula who is trying to move his fracking business into the town, no matter who gets in the way.

The story still centres on a base in the woods – but the woodcutter’s cabin is replaced by a pastiche of Greenwich Theatre, run by Granny.

Charlotte Radcliffe, Chloe Francis Thomas and Alim Jayda as the Three Little Pigs

Count Fracula is threatening to flatten the theatre all in the name of fracking. Boo, hiss.

What really makes this production are the subtle interjections from serial comedy dame Andrew and little bits of ad-libbing from Anthony Spargo, who plays the evil Count.

Kirsty Marie Ayers as Red and Alex Spinney as Prince Arden

The endless energy and cringe-worthy jokes from chief pig, played by Alim Jayda, also deserve praise.

Together they add up to enough panto kicks for me to thoroughly recommend this show.

Until Jan 10, £19-£29,