“Hello, welcome to Singh’s Chicken Palace, where service is Queen (we used to say King but we had issues with Burger King).”


A full on immersive bash of utter comical and surprisingly relatable madness with some meaty, serious chunks of honest chicken, I mean honest stereotypes.

"Fries with that?"

You’ll feel like a side dish to a familiar Friday night chicken shop drama (with a dark twist) – but with this one you are allowed to watch and not have to be all British about it, pretending you’re just on your phone.

"What drink?"

This play leaves you with a thirst for more (and some serious overkill for extra cheese apparently). Seriously, we have so many questions? Where is the sequel? Chicken Palace the Double Breast has a ring to it, right?

"Anything else?"

You leave with a grin on your face and a slightly reflective sheen - not just owing to the portion of chicken (or falafel for veggies) and chips served up with the performance.

Chicken Palace, August 19 to August 22, 7pm and 9pm, from £12, Theatre Royal Stratford East, stratfordeast.com .