A cultural hub and restaurant are to launch at East India office development Republic .

London social enterprise Ugly Duck is taking over 8,000sq feet of space and transforming it into Off Quay with a photo studio, rehearsal space and event space. There will also be a public gallery café, operated by street fod company What the Dickens, with a rotating exhibition and regular performance.

It will be on Floor 8 of Capstan House and open to the public from Monday to Friday from Friday, November 4.

The initial programme features installations from Antonin Fourneau, F9 Collective and Dolly Kershaw, performance poet Sophie Fenella, and an exhibition from Chrom Art.

It’s arrival at Republic, a 600,000 square foot office campus which aims to draw cultural and tech industries to the area, follows the success of Ugly Duck’s work in Tanner Street in Bermondsey.

Off Quay will launch at Republic on November 4

Director Rosemary Slay said: “Ugly Duck is all about finding overlooked and underappreciated spaces and enabling them to act for the benefit of communities.

“This mission is even more relevant in Tower Hamlets, where multinationals nest beside communities that experience high levels of deprivation. We will deliver a high quality programme of art which is affordable and accessible.”

Meanwhile the duo behind Rita’s in Hackney , Missy Flynn and Gabriel Pryce, will launch a canteen-style restaurant in Republic on Tuesday. November 8.

Quilombero will be a six-month project serving a fusion of Mexican, Latin American and Italian food.

It takes its name from a phrase meaning ‘trouble maker’ or ‘rowdy’ commonly used in the Lunfardo dialect created as a result of migration from Italy to Argentina in the 1800s.

It will run as a café, coffee and juice bar by day with a wood-fired oven for making bread and during cocktail hour from 5-6pm will become a fully fledged restaurant with whole fish and joints cooked on an outdoor grill.

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