East Ender Amanda Campbell’s homecoming song will be a special sound 50 years in the making.

Aside from trilling tunes in the shower or back seat of her family’s car - her loved ones haven’t ever heard her utter a note.

That’s because the Poplar girl discovered her talent after moving to Los Angeles in her twenties and, only when she’d turned 44, blasting out a karaoke rendition of The Isley Brothers’ Who’s That Lady.

This month, her vocal skills will be heard outside America for the first time.

As a nod to a career that’s only just flourished she’ll return to her home patch for a trio of gigs armed with husband Paul and their band, The Strands, as well as tongue-in-cheek motto Older is the New Younger.

“When I was a kid I used to sing all the time but, somewhere along the way, I believed I couldn’t,” said Amanda, former pupil at Susan Lawrence Junior School.

“When my husband turned 40 I sung Who’s That Lady - I’d been singing it in the shower for the past 30 years, so thought I could pull that one off.

“From that moment I didn’t stop.

“This will be the first time my family have seen or heard me sing since I was four or five years old - it’s a part of me they have never seen before.

“I thought if I can sing, I’m going to take it as far as I can.”

The band will perform at Jazz After Dark on June 4, with a return to east London sandwiched in-between at Leytonstone’s Luna Lounge on June 5.

They started their performing career with a cover of Lou Reid’s Perfect Day, though now pen all original material.

“We have a very easy groove and thoughtful, provoking lyrics,” Amanda added.

“People always refer to me as a soul singer as I have a soulful voice but as a band we don’t fit in any category, which is fine by us.

“I’m just going to turn up and sing. I’ve performed residencies in LA and on the stage at the House of Blues, but I’ve never played outside of LA.

“We hope people like our music and we can tour around.

“And worst case scenario? We’re spending time doing something we love.”

So what’s in store for the post-gig after party?

A proper East End experience, said Amanda.

Her family’s heritage is rooted in the Docks, with grandfather Tom Muldoon a former chairman of the Docklands Trade Union.

So that’ll be the first calling point on her band’s east London experience, followed up by a hearty portion of pie and mash.

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