The Honey Man is a tale exploring black British identity, ecological destruction and an unlikely friendship between an elderly beekeeper and a troubled young teenager, who are both on the fringes of society.

Writer Tyrone Huggins said: "Over the last few years I've become aware that a generation of 'digital natives' has grown up surrounded by digital technology as a fact of life.

"I began imagining how it would be for a youngster from that generation to encounter someone who was almost locked in another time and way of life.

"I was also interested by how the moment by moment connectedness of the digital world was squeezing out time to reflect and bringing its own form of loneliness.

"The Honey Man allowed me to bring two characters together who appear to have nothing in common. And because neither has anyone else, they have to search for what they can share; survival of the bees and their British colonial history."

March 3-4, 11am and 7.30pm, £10-12, The Albany, or