“I stood on a small hill overlooking the battle scene, watching our defence of public education being beaten with batons and horses.”

This was the moment - witnessing a police kettle at the student protests in Westminster Square - that choreographer Joseph Mercier began to create in his mind, R.I.O.T - a new show coming to Stratford Circus this month.

Superhero and comic book fan Joseph said: “I closed my eyes and imagined I was [X-Men’s] Jean Grey as the Phoenix, using the awesome power of my psyche to clear the kettle, paralyse the police and their batons, and dismantle the walls of parliament to let the protesters flood in and reclaim that space for democracy and public interest. R.I.O.T. will be a rehearsal for this revolution. That fantasy played out.”

The show features four superheroes who are caught in a series of conflicts, which are personal and political. Littered with comic book and action hero references, their adventure unfolds through action-packed choreography and projected illustrations, as they question what a superhero might look like in today’s world.

The piece launched at Newcastle’s Dance City last October and has been very well received - especially by comic book fans - since.

Apr 30-May 1, 7.30pm, £8-£14, Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, London, stratford-circus.com