The National Maritime Museum is bringing the Battle of Jutland to life at a new exhibition marking 100 years since the largest naval battle of the First World War.

The display at the Greenwich building entitled Jutland 1916: WWI’s Greatest Sea Battle will place the North Sea clash between Germany and Britain in the wider context of the 1914-1918 conflict

Visitors will be able to learn about the battle involving 279 ships and about the experience of serving aboard the warships through paintings, photographs, ship models, sailor-made craft work, medals and eyewitness accounts.

It also features content created with help from the grandson of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, the commander of the British Grand Fleet.

The battle between the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet on Wednesday, May 31 1916 resulted in heavy loses for both sides, with neither earning a decisive victory.

The exhibition will also cover the immediate aftermath of the battle, as well as the protracted controversies it generated which continue to this day.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Friday, May 20 2016