A musical drama set in the mythical province of Zipang during the 16th century where swashbuckling sword fights and a serious amount of drama are part of every day life.

Kuli-Kala is the story of an enigmatic Samurai seeking revenge against an evil Shogun who has assassinated his family.

The show is performed by 30-DELUX , which is a highly respected and skilled Japanese theatre company who specialise in Ta-Te, a ritualistic style of mock-sword play.

Samurai and Shogun?

The Samurai were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan; their main weapon and symbol was the sword. While the Samurai numbered less than 10% of Japan’s population, their teachings (loyalty, self discipline and ethical behaviour) are still relevant today.

A Shogun was a hereditary military governor in Japan during the shogunate period from 1192 to 1867 during which time they were de facto rulers of the country.

Various times, November 24 to November 28, Stratford Circus , £12-£20