Miranda Hart is everyone’s favourite funny girl. She was the first female comic to do an arena tour. She’s the star of her self-penned sitcom and an award-winning author. There appears to be nothing the statuesque star isn’t afraid to have a bash at.

She joins comedy forces with Sir Lenny Henry, Jonathan Ross and French & Saunders for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day , broadcast from Building Six at The O2 on Friday (March 24). We decided to read the oracles to get a little more insight into the 6ft 1in star.

Destiny Calling

Her father was the captain of HMS Coventry when it was bombed during the Falklands War, she went to prep school with presenter Clare Balding, with whom she remains best pals, and her aunt and uncle live in a castle.

Descended from barons, marquises, earls and dukes – and a distant cousin to Princess Diana – Miranda was always destined for fame.

Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan in the West End production of Annie

The cards suggest she isn’t content to simply be a BBC darling. She wants to see how far she can go, try her hand at different performance platforms. Her role in US movie Spy, with Melissa McCarthy, and her casting as orphanage owner Miss Hannigan in the new stage version of Annie are cases in point.

Our guides say she has a very much anything-you-can-do-I-want-to-have-a-go-at-to attitude, much like her production company partner fellow comedian David Walliams. Our Witch Twitch says, with such a positive outlook and gung-ho approach, it won’t be long before she could be saying “Well hello there, again, Hollywood!”

Scratch The Surface

Our guides say Hart by name, heart by nature. She is naturally friendly and possesses such a huge heart that we’re surprised it doesn’t have its own celebrity agent and stylist.

The tarot suggests as with her character in Call The Midwife Camilla “Chummy” Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne the National-Treasure-in-the-making is a thoroughly good egg. She is no pushover, though.

From left, Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Jessica Raine and Miranda Hart, the original cast of Meet The Midwife

Our guides say the comedienne is highly ambitious and goal-oriented. No-one has any more drive, determination or self-confidence than our gal Miranda. On the flip side, our guides say she gets bored very easily. This can lead her to switching a project midway through, leaving it unfinished or in the case of characters Chummy and Miranda, with audiences wanting more. Our Witch Twitch says the star feels there’s so much to do, so little time.

Friends & Relationships

The tarot suggests there is no-one more fun or entertaining to be around than Miranda. As for relationships of the romantic persuasion, the cards reveal the 44-year-old likes to take it slow. She’d much rather get to know someone first before committing to any form of union.

To stand a chance of taking things to the next level with this creative lady you’d better bring your A game – and a thesaurus (she doesn’t suffer fools). The cards suggest she looks for a partner who is unpredictable, adventurous, with a passion for the outdoors. Bear Grylls or Steve Backshall would be the perfect match aside from the fact they’re already hitched.

Our Witch Twitch says a romance is soon to blossom for the star and it will be linked to her pet pooch, Peggy.

Tarot Guide

Miranda is under the influence of Temperance which is how she can find balance and harmony within her life. It may seem a little safe or even dull at times to walk with this Tarot mentor but by listening to this balanced being the multi-millionaire will always be able to find calm in periods of great stress or anxiety.

Our guides say Temperance works with Miranda by taking her to a place of peace – a walk in the park or a lazy day spent on the sofa watching old Morecambe And Wise re-runs.

Our Witch Twitch says as long as the star remains humble in success she will always find it knocking at her door.

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