Mackenzie Crook shot to fame playing self-important paper salesman Gareth Keenan in the BBC comedy The Office alongside its creator Ricky Gervais.

Since then, the actor has gone on to star in several of the Pirates Of The Caribbean blockbusters in which he plays Ragetti, a pirate with an ill-fitting wooden eye, has performed in numerous theatre productions for which he has received critical success, written an award-nominated children’s book and has scripted, starred and directed in the Bafta-winning comedy Detectorists . Oh, and he’s also appeared in HBO’s mega hit Game of Thrones.

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The actor’s latest venture sees him taking on the role of vampire hunter Larousse in the star-studded British comedy horror movie Eat Locals, directed by Jason Flemyng, which opens in cinemas September 1.

We love a man who can make us laugh so it was with a light heart we laid out the crystals to see find out more about the marvellous Mr Crook.

Scratch The Surface

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He’s built up a sizeable bank balance by playing nerd-like and haphazard characters but Mackenzie is no fool. The Tarot suggests this is one smart cookie who when presented with an opportunity grasps it with both hands and makes it his own.

Our guides say the 45-year-old has never had a career plan but simply knew from an early age he wanted to be an entertainer. He feels comfortable in this world which at times can make him a little lazy; he’s of the belief “what’s for you won’t go by you”.

Our Witch Twitch says for the most part this is true but the star must be careful not to become too complacent or else this Crook will be robbed of his future success.

Animal Totem

Our guides show Mackenzie is at one with Spirit animal totem Raccoon. Extremely courageous and remarkably ferocious for one so small, Raccoon will defend itself, rather than flee, when it feels threatened.

With this little chap as a guide, Mackenzie knows instinctively when to let things slide and when to stand up for himself. In Native American folklore, mask-wearing Raccoon is seen as a trickster, not a malicious one, but a light-hearted mischief maker which helps to shape Mackenzie’s character.

Running with Raccoon fills Mackenzie with a love of exploration. The actor has a natural curiosity. He’s interested in the wonders of the world and the marvels of minutia.

He’s keen to constantly explore new realms, and to take part in new pastimes. Our Witch Twitch says Raccoon reminds Mackenzie that he can always change who and what he is to what he wants to be.

Love & Relationships

Mackenzie Crook arrives at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006

The Tarot suggests despite having many acquaintances Mackenzie likes to keep his inner circle small that way he can spend quality time with those people who truly have meaning for him.

The crystals show family is extremely important to The Office star; he likes nothing better than getting the Crook Clan together for an afternoon shindig.

Our guides say he has a strong affection for his parents, which has grown since having his own children. The star will always choose his family over his wants and desires – even if they’re presented to him on a plate.

Where love is concerned, the Tarot suggests Mackenzie puts his heart and soul into relationships – and he expects it to be returned. He’s a great partner but he does need to be adored.

We’re guessing his wife of 16 years Lindsay knows how to handle these demands. It’s what keeps this relationship going strong. Our Witch Twitch warns Mackenzie to curb jealous tendencies that may rear from time to time; they will only push away those he loves.

Crystal Ball

Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones in the Detectorists

Over the next couple of months, there may be some tricky times for the 45-year-old funnyman.

Our guides suggest it may be connected with some form of words, maybe on a contract or a new project like a script or manuscript. Mackenzie is advised to remain objective and to keep a clear head. As long as he has truth on his side all is well.

The Tarot indicates that a move into film directing is well starred. It will come after the star has created a couple more small screen outings, projects he writes as well as directs. He must remain confident. He has the ability to achieve great success. Why swim in a pond when you have an ocean in which to play?

He is advised to carry or wear a piece of carnelian. This will help raise the actor’s positive vibration as well as boosting his self-esteem. Our Witch Twitch says Mackenzie should have no regrets.

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