It's easy to forget what to take to a festival, so check out our guide below on the essential things you'll need for this year's Lovebox in Victoria Park, from July 17 to July 18.

1. Dress for the weather

We hear it over and over - British weather is unpredictable - but does that mean we go out prepared for all seasons? Of course not. We’re British and we like sources for moanage.

However, the festival will be much better if you’re prepared for rain or shine, so make sure to pack a light rain poncho (or umbrella, but that’s not so crowd-friendly), sun cream, a hat and appropriate footwear.

2. Bring your ID and tickets

You won’t be getting in without both of these, so triple check you have them before leaving the house.

3. Make sure to stay hydrated

You can bring in a sealed water bottle to fill back up inside so take advantage of this as (with all festivals) food and drink is generally quite pricey.

4. Draw out a little money before you head in

Although there are cashpoints inside they often charge and the queues are ridiculous, so save yourself some time and hassle and draw money out before heading in.

5. Keep your oyster safe and jot out a rough plan of how to get home

The last thing you’ll want to do when the festival finishes is spend ten minutes in a buffalo-stampede-like-crowd trying to Google the route back to your bed - or for you hardcore lot the afterparty.

So put your oyster somewhere you can’t lose it before you head in, along with some vague instructions of where your nearest tube/bus stop is and how to get home from there.