Where can you find live music, dance, raps about the East End and historic plays about witches? Late Bloom , which will take over the Roof Garden on top Crossrail Place this weekend (August 22-23).

The Bloom festival was split into two halves - Early Bloom (May 16-17) opened the summer season, whereas Late Bloom is set to see it off into the cold autumn sunset.

Performing on Saturday, August 22, will be Pregnant Fish Theatre with Untitled Witch Project about the last women to be hanged in the UK as witches, in Devon in 1682.

The play - based on a true story - follows the unfortunate three, who were apparently thought to be witches for being “old and poor”.

Fast forward 300 years and the themes of this historic tale are still relevant, says co-creator of Pregnant Fish Theatre, Tom Drayton.

He said: “One of cast members is from Bideford, where this hanging happened, and she was really interested about the history of it all and how it reflects in today’s society.

The crowd watching performances at Early Bloom on Sunday, May 17

“These women were accused of completely bizarre things that just couldn’t have happened, but if the government hadn’t given in and hanged them, the braying mob that had gone after them would have carried out an illegal hanging of their own.

“That has resonance today in ideas of witchcraft that are still alive and how people often do not have a voice 300 years later.”

Pregnant Fish portray these parallels through the story of school children who find something rather mysterious and their reactions follow them even into adulthood.

Also at Late Bloom will be Lucy May Walker , who is currently taking part in the Mayor of London’s busking competition.

“The competition has enabled me to venture into a world of busking, something that I’ve never even thought about doing before. Moving to London, you have so many aspirations and dreams but once you get here it’s really easy to find yourself getting comfortable with working hard just to survive.

Lucy May Walker

“I am always wandering around thinking that there is so much potential for music that isn’t being reached fully. When I visited the Rooftop Gardens, my initial thought was how I would love to perform among the beautiful surroundings. When I saw the performance space I knew I had to get in touch.

“On the Saturday of the festival I will be doing two acoustic sets at 12.30pm and 2.30pm. My style of playing is folk/pop accompanied by guitar and ukulele, and I will be doing a variety of covers and originals which will include songs from my debut EP, We Know The Score which reached no.14 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart earlier this year.”

Embrace Dance perform at Early Bloom

Among other performances are ONO (by David Elendune), Russians (by Ivan Andrade) and Going Commando, which are all performed by SpaceWorks community theatre company and inspired by the Roof Garden.

There will also be a modern interpretation of Alice In Wonderland by Space Youth Theatre and Embrace Dance, pieces from fusion dance company Seraphim Dance Ability and live music from Linda Em, Tilly Bushay and Junior Joe

Finally The Toynbees, from the ageing-well centre at Toynbee Hall, will be sharing a rap, and some stories about the East End and poems from Poss-ability Ambassador for disabled people Barbara Stewart in Hip Op.

Late Bloom, Rooftop Garden, Crossrail Place, Aug22-23, Noon to 6pm, free, space.org.uk