With his trademark warrior-shaggy mane and proto-hipster facial hair –which he is contractually bound to keep intact – Kit Harington, aka Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow, is arguably one of the most recognizable actors on the planet.

Earning a reported $1.1million per episode for his role in the phenomenally successful fantasy primetime show, he’s also fast becoming one of the richest.

The 30-year-old heartthrob is back on our screens on Monday (July 17) when the eagerly-awaited Season Seven of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO. Sky Atlantic will simulcast the first episode at 2am (so it’ll be July 18 to us), then show it again at 9pm.

We’re huge fans of George RR Martin’s fantasy epic TV adaptation and are rather partial to a little Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch so even though it may invoke the wrath of The Red Woman, we were delighted to spread our cards and scry the dark depths of the beautiful being that is Mr Harington.

Scratch The Surface

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones

Despite his dizzying fame and burgeoning bank account, Kit is extremely down to earth and not a bit flashy. The tarot suggests he’s humble about his success and good fortune and would rather spend time with people he values like his closest pals and family than frequent glitzy Hollywood-style parties filled with wannabes, neverbes and hasbeens. He’s a theatre-trained thesp, darling, not a fame-hungry reality TV star!

The tarot shows he’s quietly ambitious and, although he may not always appear to want the spotlight, what lies beneath is a soul seeking to make a difference, to be remembered as a great. Our guides suggest Kit has a tendency to be too trusting at times and needs to work on this especially when it comes to endorsements and brand ambassador roles. Our Witch Twitch says the sharper the suit, the smarter the deal.

Animal Totem


Our guides show that Kit flies with the Native American Totem Raven. It may not be the three-eyed kind like the one guiding his fictional GoT half-brother Bran Stark but nevertheless it brings with it a life filled with mystical adventures and spiritual surprises.

He was an unknown actor, with barely any acting experience when he was cast in a major HBO drama and that is an example of the magic surrounding the life of this chosen one.

Raven totem is also the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space so that Kit is exactly in the right moment at the right time. Kit is advised to take note when he sees this corvid on the lamp posts and buildings watching him. It’s a sign that things are falling into place.

His guide may be there to help him on his journey, provide insight, knowledge and guidance. There is also an element of reflection with this bird. Raven reminds Kit that the people around him are mirroring back the things he most has to learn about himself.

Love & Relationships

Rose Leslie

The tarot suggests that like his famous character Jon Snow he “knows nothing” when it comes to the relationships. Dating is not something he enjoys but rather finds mentally exhausting. The tarot suggests he much prefers the idea of long-lasting friendships because in his mind these never get complicated. Our guides say the fact they do seems to escape him.

The key to success with this beautiful boy is to keep it simple, and relaxed and to make him think you simply want to be friends. Be the best friend he’s looking for, the one he feels he can rely on, have fun with, joke around with and then never ever really leave – even if you break up in the process.

The tarot suggests this is how his relationship with former GoT co-star Rose Leslie blossomed and moved on to the next level – a friendship with added benefits. The signs for this current relationship are good.

However, our Witch Twitch warns Kit to rein in any feelings of insecurity and hide signs of jealousy even if he feels provoked. Remember, the Wildling chose you.

Future Prospects

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It’s going to be a giddy couple of years for Kit. Riding high on his GoT stardom, the actor will have the pick of roles. The tarot shows there will be many people in the industry trying to typecast him, however, the cards suggests Kit will not rush in to anything, preferring to envelop himself in the shadows, waiting for the right project to lead him into the light.

Our guides suggest another small screen role may tickle his fancy – it may also take him down a more comedic route. He will need to convince the director that he can do funny – the crystals show he may do something quirky and unconventional to prove it – and if he pulls it off the performance will prove a winner.

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