The O2's Sky Backstage is offering a snapshot into the life of a spy in celebration of last year's action comedy hit Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The film, with a cast including Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine, tells the story of a major organisation that recruits a street kid for its training programme, against the backdrop of a global emergency.

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Don costumes and get your hands on props and gadgets before taking to the red carpet for posing and pouting with the dapper Kingsman and his paparazzi.

Then tickle your taste buds with killer cocktails and mutter the secret password to gain access to a hidden pampering room to relax with mini-massage and makeovers.

if you're more of a straightforward cinema-goer though there's plenty of chance for added luxury with screenings served up alongside food and drink in the Valentine's Lair.

The experience opens on Wednesday, June 2, and runs until July 25.

Go to for more details and tickets.

Forgotten what it's all about? Here's the trailer: