Greenwich Peninsula’s The Jetty is back with another immersive experience - this time the audience is transported to the Heartbreak Hotel, a Utopia for lost souls and broken hearts.

This was once a diamond on the English coastline, but it shot downhill and it’s now as derelict and mysterious as the characters within its walls.

Zoe Wellman of production creator Zebedee Productions said: “Parts of the show are quite surreal but the characters and the experiences are all very human.

"Audience members are in for an emotional rollercoaster as we explore what it means to be heartbroken, and the lengths people will go to overcome it."

What else is there?

Food: There is organic, locally-sourced and free-range BBQ grub - with gourmet burgers, racks of ribs and calamari available

Drink: Meantime’s bar is nearby or get a Heartbreak Hotel cocktail at rooftop Sky Bar

Art: Throughout the summer there will be live music and curated art installations.

Heartbreak Hotel, open from June 2, various times, £10-£20, The Jetty, Greenwich Peninsula, or