Since getting his break on The X Factor, when Simon Cowell put him together with four other “failed” solo artists to form boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has become one of the world’s hottest properties.

The What Makes You Beautiful singer has amassed a £56million fortune, has been linked with a string of A-listers including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner, has forged himself as a style icon and, while his band takes a one-year hiatus, has managed to launch a successful solo recording career, with the release of his debut album Sign Of The Times taking the number one spot both in the UK and in the US.

Friday (July 21) sees the rakish star make his accomplished screen debut in Christopher Nolan’s five-star action thriller Dunkirk opposite acting heavyweights Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh.

Is this the start of a new direction for the young buck? Our third eye predicts all…

Scratch The Surface

One Direction after their X Factor win in 2010

Despite being seen as a charmer and the life and soul of a party, our guides say Harry can be a little bit moody at times and maybe guilty of emotional outbursts.

He can also be prone to shyness, a little awkwardness, especially when he feels out of his depth. However, the tarot suggests he masks this by reverting to his comfort zone, by acting the clown. He knows this works for him, buys him time, until he regroups and finds his swagger again.

The tarot suggests the millionaire singer has a hunger for knowledge and is interested in everything and everyone. He loves meeting people from all walks of life, to learn about them and their culture. He dreams of casting the light of illumination; of being the true idealist.

The tarot suggests he secretly believes there is more to life than we can know or prove, and he would like to be the one who unravels the mysteries of the universe. Our Witch Twitch says there’s only one direction for Harry and it’s always pointing upwards.

Love & Relationships

Tess Ward, Harry's latest belle

The tarot suggests that Master Styles is not adverse to a little danger. He likes living on the edge, playing with fire and often seeks the darker side of life in relationships. After all, a little fantasy role playing never did anyone any harm…

The 23-year-old singing will never be short of admirers but, our guides say, it will be some time before he settles down. He’s happy exploring and experimenting – he’s of the opinion, Why stick to Mars bars when you can sample the candy store. Our guides say there will be a few lovelies along the way who will tempt him to leave his hat a little longer.

These types will be fun and flirty, a little bit naughty, but just as importantly will have something to say. Harry likes a woman who has an opinion, who can introduce him to new thoughts and concepts which is why he’s just as likely to step out with an older filly than he is with a nubile Victoria’s Secret model.

Our Witch Twitch does however warn that although variety is the spice of life Harry needs to watch out his taste buds don’t get desensitised.

Future Prospects

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The tarot suggests music is going to run parallel with acting over the next few years for Harry. As he discovers his passion for drama, he will pursue as many opportunities as are presented.

He’ll be happy playing minor roles in order to hone his craft. However, our guides say he will not be long before producers and directors recognise his enthusiasm and talent and take a chance on him by casting him in meatier roles.

The tarot warns Harry has to guard against impatience. Good things are starred but if he becomes too demanding too exacting at a perceived lack of progress what is destined may be withheld. Our Witch Twitch says he’ll be one of those rare performers who can cross between music and film. Life is a cabaret.

Crystal Power


Each of us has a special crystal guide whose vibrations work with us to navigate this earthly realm. Harry is in tune with Amethyst, the stunning purple stone that is famed for its power to stimulate and soothe the mind emotions.

The singer is advised to always carry or wear in jewellery form a piece of amethyst, especially when he is partying mode. The purple stone can prevent drunkenness and overindulgence and can ensure Harry always keeps his wits about him, whatever the situation.

By tapping into Amethyst vibration, Harry will also be able to find peace in noise. The stillness will lead him to make the right decisions. Our Witch Twitch says the colour purple will a prince make.

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