A musical thriller with a wicked twist will run for 11 days at Greenwich Theatre this April

Thrill Me: The Leopold And Loeb Story is based on the infamous true story of upper class “thrill killers” who murdered a young boy in Chicago in 1924 as their version of the perfect crime.

“The show tells what led to the murder and what happened afterwards but it’s more about obsession and how far you would go for love,” said producer Rob Harris, who lives in Charlton and turned to producing after 10 years as a theatrical agent.

An Edinburgh Production starring Danny Colligan and Jo Parsons

“It’s as much a drama as a musical so it’s also for people who like thrillers but might not particularly go for musicals.”

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, both with millionaire parents, were two young law students who started reading Nietzsche and his superman theories and murdered the boy after deciding they were above the law.

Rob said: “It’s still not known which of the boys committed the crime. One of them is so obsessed with the other that they go on from smaller crimes to killing and the so-called perfect murder. I knew about the story and was fascinated by it for many years.

"Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope was based on Leopold and Loeb and it’s amazing that the writer, Stephen Dolginoff, could get it into one hour and 15 minutes. Some of the lyrics are quite difficult but the music is beautiful.

“Greenwich never shies away from challenging theatre but also involves the local community with children’s productions and projects for older people. It’s one of the really great venues and I adore it.”

April 8-18, 8pm, (5pm Sunday), £13.50-18.50, Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, greenwichtheatre.org.uk .