Grandmaster Flash is set to play at The O2’s Brooklyn Bowl just days after his vintage record collection was taken when someone stole his car in Manhattan.

The 1980s icon lost three crates of irreplaceable vinyl when a valet mistakenly handed over his car to a man dressed like the hip-hop star.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the 57-year-old said the incident happened after he left his car with a parking attendant while visiting a computer store in New York.

He said: “Records that I collected 40 years ago – some of my old breakbeats – how do you replace that?

“I’ve had to hire an attorney, who says we are going to have to go after the garage.”

He also vented his frustration on Twitter following the incident, which police are treating as theft:

He had the records in the back of his car, which has yet to be found, as he is currently working as an adviser on Baz Lurhmann’s upcoming Netflix drama The Get Down, about the origins of hip-hop in the 1970s.

Tonight’s gig is still going ahead.

Brooklyn Bowl has not commented on whether there will be any changes to Grandmaster Flash’s set.