The world premiere of hit TV fantasy Game Of Thrones will be unveiled at an appropriately epic setting – the Tower Of London.

Cast members Natalie Dormer, pictured, and Kit Harington will walk the red carpet for the first showing of Season Five on March 18. But they may be overshadowed by the other stars of the show – the ravens whose actorly brethren feature heavily as message carriers across the fictional world of Westeros.

Zai Bennett, the director of Sky Atlantic which broadcasts the show, said: “Game of Thrones is the must see show of the year. I can’t think of a more fitting venue to give what promises to be another unmissable series its big launch.”

The fifth season will hit TV screens in the UK from April 13.

Meanwhile, Game Of Thrones Season Four has becoming the fastest-selling TV boxset in a decade, beating the first season of Little Britain in 2004.

Test your knowledge of current affairs in Westeros in our quiz.

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What was the name of Daenerys' power-hungry brother, who arranged her marriage to Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo?