Huey Morgan loves music.

If he’s not performing as the frontman for Fun Lovin’ Criminals, you’ll probably find him either spinning records on his BBC radio show or just jamming with friends, as he plans to do in the East Wintergarden on November 9.

Huey first found fame in 1996, with the Criminals’ re-release of Scooby Snacks, which went top 10 in the UK chart, along with debut album Come Find Yourself.

“It’ll soon be 20 years since Come Find Yourself,” he said. “I can’t believe that.

“I was 27 when we brought out that record and I’m 47 now, but it gives you time to reflect, and it’s weird looking back.

“A lot has changed – I’m a family man now and I live in the country – but I still look back at the guy I was then and think ‘he’s okay’.”

He confirmed the set in Canary Wharf will be peppered with covers and some of the hits from his 20-year career with the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, with whom he will set off on a world tour in 2016.

But despite big travels on the horizon, Huey insists the show at the East Wintergarden will not feel like work.

“It’s gonna be fun,” he said. “I’ve got my friends from New York City playing with me, I’ve got Brian (Leiser) and Frank (Benbini) from the Criminals playing with me, and also Pete Levin from the Gregg Allman Band.

“I’m just lucky I have friends that can play!”

The show will also include stories, and he will encourage the audience to ask questions.

“I’m not a dick,” he added. “If someone has something to ask, I’ll talk to them. It’s not gonna be ‘no questions at all’.

"If someone wants to ask about my music or what shoes I'm wearing, that's fine.”

After selling more than 10 million albums, Huey the DJ is now always on the lookout for new music. So are there any young pretenders to the Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ crown?

“One band I can’t get enough of at the moment is called The Milk,” he said. “Their album My Favourite Worry is the best record I have heard in a long time.

“They’re from Essex, but they remind me of us when we first released Scooby Snacks. They’ve got that attitude and I like it.”

And who would say no to a recommendation from Huey?

November 9, Doors 6.30pm, East Wintergarden, £20