Find a partner (Bailás?) and maybe try out Caminata or Boleo at Crossrail Place this November.

Bit of Tango lingo there for you (definitely not used correctly, but we tried) to announce two free Argentinian Tango classes in Canary Wharf .

TangoE14 will host a lunchtime lesson (Noon to 1.50pm) on Monday, November 16, with another on Tuesday, November 17 (5.50pm to 7.30pm) at the station’s Roof Garden.

The classes will be made up of informal dances, an introduction to the typical music danced to and demonstrations in disciplines like the Milonga and Vals.

Tony Lane and Anita van de Watering will run the sessions as an offshoot of their regular Saturday lessons at Saint John’s Community Centre.

Anita said: “It is a friendly and relaxed group suitable for all ages from 16 to 86. We emphasise the skills necessary for social dancing anywhere around the world.

“If walking is easy for you, then you are ready to start discovering tango.”

Various times, November 16-17, free, Crossrail Place Roof Garden