Widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, undefeated as a professional and a champion in five different weight classes, Floyd Mayweather Jr is a sporting legend.

Now retired and heading the lucrative Mayweather Promotions, the 40-year-old lives the life of a playboy, with $695million in the bank, a fleet of fast cars, a private jet to fly him to exotic locales and the ubiquitous string of model girlfriends to keep him warm at night.

The superstar rolls into Indigo at The O2 on Monday (March 6) with his Floyd Mayweather Undefeated Tour, an evening spent sharing insights into the boxer’s career. We thought we’d take our own unique look by casting the ringmeister’s runes.

Destiny Calling

Floyd Mayweather reacts after the welterweight unification championship bout on May 2, 2015 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

Pretty Boy was always destined to fight. Dealt a tough hand – his mother was a heroin addict, his father a drug dealer - our guides say Floyd understood very early on that he would have to fight his way out of his circumstances.

He could have chosen to walk the same path as many of those around him but once those gloves were on as a seven-year-old kid, there was no stopping him.

Arguably the best defensive boxer the sport has ever known and the most accurate puncher, Floyd discovered his calling. The cards reveal there’s a lot more to come from the champ. Our Witch Twitch says the father-of-four deserves his rewards but needs to remember he is a role model and should use his celebrity platform wisely.

Scratch The Surface

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Under the tough exterior, the pugilist prodigy has a heart of gold and will do anything to help those in need. The cards show he loves nothing better than to lavish gifts on those around him.

He’s fuelled by his past. Life hasn’t always been easy so our guides say he’s going to make sure that those he loves will never endure such hardship. Despite the hype and swagger, the tarot reveals Floyd often puts others first, neglecting his own needs and wellbeing.

This can cause him to become mentally fatigued which results in poor decision making. Our Witch Twitch says the showman doesn’t always need to play the Big I Am and should look more closely at those who are givers, not takers.

Friends and Relationships

Boxer Floyd Mayweather and his son Koraun attend his 40th birthday celebration on February 25, 2017 in Los Angeles

The outspoken superstar makes friends easily, from all backgrounds, including the likes of A-listers Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

The Tarot shows that people gravitate to his orbit, drawn by his warmth, infectious enthusiasm and lust for life – plus, of course, the trappings that come with hanging out with one of the world’s highest paid sportsman.

“Money” – as he’s known to his crew – picks up the cheques, thinks nothing of jetting his pals around the world and likes to gift a few presents like, say, a $350,000 Hublot Laferrari.

There’s plenty of women, too. But, our guides say, this is where things for the five-weight world champion go a little awry. He tends to express his emotions strongly at times resulting in a troubling history of domestic violence.

The cards show this is a man who falls in love easily but its passions burn out quickly. Our Witch Twitch says Floyd needs to eschew surface types and seek what lies within. A relationship with a more mature, career woman is how and when Floyd will find the peace and true happiness he seeks.

Future Challenge

Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines takes a punch from Floyd Mayweather in the fourth round during their welterweight WBO, WBC and WBA (Super) title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 2, 2015

The tarot shows the Las Vegas super fly guy fears being in a rut which may lead to him making rash decisions. He’s doesn’t want to be forgotten or left behind.

The runes show he would be well advised to channel his talents into a different arena, a career in politics or publishing is well starred.

Our Witch Twitch foresees a need to watch those around him because not all of them are the real deal or want what’s best for the undefeated champion.

Floyd needs to safeguard his legacy, remember who he is and what he’s achieved. No amount of goading – or ker-ching – should bring him out of retirement, especially for the much-hyped Conor McGregor super fight. It only takes a split second to see it fade away.

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