Former Formula One world champion Nigel Mansell is a name iconic within British sport.

A two-time BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Nigel was as famous for his distinctive moustache and charm as he was for his driving skills.

His new book, Staying On Track, is out now and here are a few things you may not know about Nigel Ernest James Mansell.

1. He was a late bloomer

Despite spending more than a decade racing in Formula One, Mansell failed to win a World Championship until his final season in 1992, aged 39.

2. He’s big in the States

After retiring from Formula One, Mansell spent two successful years on the US IndyCar circuit, winning the 1993 World Series.

3. He was a professional golfer... no, really.

A little-remembered fact, Nigel’s mate Aussie golfing legend Gregg Norman, fixed it for him to take part in the 1988 Australian Open. He did okay too, reaching a first round total of 77.

4. It’s a family affair

Clearly impressed with their father’s feats, Mansell’s sons Leo and Greg are also racing drivers.

5. He has brought out a video game

Okay, so this is just an excuse to dig out this classic advert featuring Rik Mayall, but Nigel’s fabulous facial hair and charisma, as well as his success in the early 1990s, made him the perfect sporting endorsement for Nintendo, which had already enjoyed success with a hirsute plumber.

Mansell will be signing copies of his new book Staying on Track on Monday, October 5 at 1pm in Jubilee Place.