Britain’s self-styled “greatest circus export” is coming home for a 10-night run at The O2 Quadrant .

Circus Of Horrors started it’s gruesome beginnings at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival and before touring all over the world as both a standalone show, as well as sharing the stage with Alice Cooper, Eminem and Oasis.

Its latest show, Welcome To The CarnEvil, is set in Victorian London in 1899 when Jack the Ripper was still at large and the age of the freak show loomed large.

It follows three young adolescents’ dreams of running away to join the circus only to see their hopes transform into a nightmare in a corpse-ridden CarnEvil, plagued by a swarm of killer clowns, sword swallowers, and a Guinness World Record holding hairculian diva swinging solely from her hair.

We were treated to a sneak preview of the circus, celebrated in our Facebook gallery above.

8pm, November 5-14, £15-£35, The O2 Quadrant