"Some people are pigeons, some are statues” is among the stand out lines in a quirky new tale that will be brought to life at The Space.

Explaining this line from Birdphobia comes down to writer/director Eirini Dermitzaki who has brought the play to the stage through her co-owned company Vertebra Theatre.

“There is a theory that says that some people are free as birds and others static as statues. Birds fly freely in the sky, statues stay always in the same position and birds sometimes poo on them," she said.

“This theory, might seems weird, but made me think about the people that choose to live their life static as the statues, and about the others, that choose to be free.

"Then I thought about my life, what made me stay at the same position for years and what helped me to feel free as bird. So, I started writing this story. It took me four years and many good people helped me to complete it."

Tell us about the story

She said: “The play is like a dark/surreal fairy tale. A strange family with a mother obsessed with statues, a homeless father, more like a visitor in the family, and a daughter that was born with wings but doesn’t know how to fly.

Birdphobia, coming to The Space

“They live in a park, their home doesn’t have windows or a roof. Only tools to clean the statues and dead plants.

“Although they don’t look like a normal family, you can see that many of the issues that might a family have, are there.

"You can feel empathy for this girl that tries to find the “fire exit” at this “madhouse” and if you look a bit more, you will see that she has a lot of things in common with every human being who manages to find a balance in life although his/her family was a mess."

Can you explain a little about Vertebra Theatre and yourself?

She said: “Mayra Stergiou and myself created the Vertebra three years ago. It is a Lecoq based physical theatre company that aims to create international devising theatre and film work.

"With a taste of the absurd and the visual storytelling we seek to explore the interplay between the dynamics of life, imagination, myths and science creating original and socially inspired writing for stage and screen."

April 14-18; 8pm, April 19; 7pm, £8-10, The Space Theatre, Westferry Road, space.org.uk/2014/11/26/birdphobia