A multi-million-pound immersive thrill ride that brings dinosaurs to life is heading to the Greenwich Peninsula in February next year, it has been announced.

Dinosaurs In The Wild mixes theme park rides, animatronics, 3D experiences and actors to take visitors on a journey back 67 million years.

Tourists are taken by time machine to join scientists at a research station – TimeBase 67 – on the Late Cretaceous plains.

Dinosaurs In The Wild is an immersive thrill ride

They drive with their guides through herds of dinosaurs, watch a dinosaur autopsy, witness hatchlings emerging from eggs and visit a lookout, with panoramic views of the teeming prehistoric life in every direction.

Creative director Tim Haines was the award-winning producer of the BBC TV series Walking With Dinosaurs.

He said: “It’s a new kind of immersive experience, in which we use the latest technology to make it feel like you really are there in that world, with the dinosaurs all around you.”

More than 100 artists, technicians and other specialists worked to create the unique experience, weaving audiovisual effects, animatronics and live-action theatre for a 70-minute theatrical experience.

Visitors take a journey back in time 67million years

Co-producer Bob Deere said: “Everything in the experience is based on the very latest science, so as well as being fun, it is highly educational. Children have the time of their lives, but they learn a lot about dinosaurs too, and so do their parents.”

Dinosaurs In The Wild opens its doors on February 12 neat The O2 Arena and will run until September. Tickets have just been released and start from £25 for advanced off-peak adult tickets and £85 for advanced off-peak family tickets (two adults and two children).