Jun 29

8 Songs by Gandini: Choreographed juggling vignettes set to eight classic rock and roll songs from Bob Dylan to the Velvet Underground, from David Bowie to the Rolling Stone.

Cabot Square, 1pm, 6pm

Jun 30

Hold On by Stefano di Renzo: A new solo performance from Stefano di Renzo who inventively uses slack rope skills where Stefano Holds On and balances himself.

Cubitt Steps, 1pm, 6pm

July 1

Bar Story by Etta Ermini Dance Company: High energy dance and acrobatics combine with insightful observation, humour and wit in this entertaining take on social behaviour.

Wren Landing, 1pm 6pm

July 2

Every Grain by Soul Rebel Tap: An exuberant tap dance extravaganza with a cast of glamorous dancers performing to a soundtrack of contagious popular music from the 1950s.

Cubitt Steps, 1pm, 6pm

July 3

Turn Around Boy by Le Grand Jete: A beautiful duet by two male performers who acrobatically interact with a traditional circus wheel, a reinterpretation of the traditional Icarus myth.

Wren Landing, 1pm, 6pm

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