A Fender guitar boasting the signatures of prog rock band Pink Floyd is set to go on show in Canary Wharf .

Airbrush artist Piers Dowell’s project – signed by the band’s best-known line up of Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason and David Gilmour – will be displayed in the window gallery opposite Waitrose, in Canada Walk from Monday, November 30, until Friday, January 1.

Afterwards, it will be sold to raise funds for charity Mission Motorsport .

Piers began customising the instrument in 2008 and it was only complete after 111 hours of work and all four signatures had been secured.

He plumped for a US-built Fender Stratocaster, which was stripped and prepped before he integrated the pick guard, artwork and cover.

With the band image on the rear, Piers said he had attempted to replicate “a perfect likeness of the four”.

He said: “To really make the piece as plush as it could be the two halves of the design were joined with gold leaf and the famous album cover titles painted over the top.

“The standard of work has partly been inspired by the band but also a desire to produce something of extreme beauty.

“It comes complete with its own display stand and Perspex perspective dome as well as a pink suede covered, hand-bound photo album featuring the painting process and the signature proof pictures.

“As it transpired this guitar was thew last thing Rick signed for charitable purposes.

“It is very likely to be the very last thing ever signed by all four members of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.”

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