Knitted tea cups are among the wool creations that cover one of the many pianos dotted around Canary Wharf.

The cuddly quilt was created by community knitting groups Wine, Women and Wool and The Knit Wits following a brief from Tower Hamlets artist Ana Ospina.

The piano, situated outside the Idea Store in Churchill Place, is among a fleet of 15 pianos that have been placed around Canary Wharf as part of the Play Me, I’m Yours project .

The idea, devised by artist Luke Jerram, is to encourage more day-to-day interaction with instruments.

Talking about her involvement in the project, Ana said: “I came up with an idea to do something on retail in Canary Wharf, but I kept it loose so that the knitters could inject their own creativity into it.

“I wanted to use soft materials for a contrast with the environment here, which is thought of as hard and cold.

“I really like working on public art projects because you work with the community. To do that in your borough and doing something positive for your area is a good feeling.”

Helen Swan, from the Knit Wits, said: “It was great that doing the project made me try new things. I had an idea in my head for the 3D square I wanted to make, but with no pattern I had to design it myself.

“I was very pleased that the end result matched the idea and I’d exercised my creativity in the process. Another great outcome from the project was joining up with other nearby knitting groups and being inspired by the amazing things they’d done.

“Seeing the final result of everyone’s work is wonderful, and the way that Ana has brought such disparate offerings together into a harmonious whole is astounding.”

The pianos will be in Canary Wharf until Saturday, October 10.