The year was 2006. The place was Torchwood. The event was something so cataclysmic that it remains ingrained in the psyche of all those who survived to pass on tales of trigger-happy titans going ape in the heart of east London.

The Battle of Canary Wharf would see Rose dispatched to another dimension and the Doctor forced to harness the power of a supernova to say goodbye.

But it was epic in another way too.

It brought together, for the first time, those malevolent metallic mayhem maestros of the Dr Who universe – the Cybermen and the Daleks.

It is troubling for the survivors to the think that the coming together of those belligerent bio-hazards will occur again, just down the road at the Excel Centre in E16 with the arrival of the Dr Who Festival on November 13-15.

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The only consolation is that heroes will be on hand to stop any universe-crunching bickering between the silver mean machines – the Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Clara (Jenna Coleman), Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) and, no doubt, a legion of look-alikes in either bow ties or long knitted scarves or dark sunglasses depending on predilection and age group.

To mark the reunion of the two foes near the spot where the two species waged multi-dimensional war, we highlight the six Doctor monsters that most haunt our nightmares as we Polyfilla the last of the laser damage in the marble halls of One Canada Square.

1. Cybermen

They look a bit human, they take human souls and they seem to embody the nightmare the idea of heartless machines taking over. They clomp very loud on the floor as well, which a nuisance if you live in the apartment downstairs.

2. Daleks

Probably take the No.1 spot in most polls but the Daleks have been undermined by too many spoofs involving whisks and plungers. But they can fly now, of course, which is a convincing a stunt as R2D2's "sudden" airborne capacity. Think it through, people.

3. Weeping Angels

Genuinely frightening, these fearsome statues can steal your life in the blink of an eye – all wrapped up in angelic clothing. The episode in which they made their debut also featured an early performance by Carey Mulligan and not very much Doctor at all – but it's rated one of the best of all time. Hang on, are you blinking? You don't blink. You don't ever blink.

4. The Silence

With their faces like Munch’s Scream and their dapper suits, The Silence are a religious order who make people forget their existence just after they disappear out of sight. Much like Flora in accounts but with better applied make-up.

5. The Zygons

With their shape-shifting abilities, their shark teeth and their need to keep their hosts alive in pods, these critters are the stuff of nightmares and very probably the hosts of The Hoarder Next Door. They pose the question of all shape-shifting races – if you look as awkward as that (and that colour is so 1980s) why not change into something more comfortable. Star Trek's Odo had the right idea although he wasn't very good with skin texture.

6. Gas Mask Zombies

The result of a reproduction error in genetic replication, these are humans but with the faceless, soulless emptiness their faces suggest. Their blank human form lends weight to the theory that the most frightening beast actually lurks in your imagination. Still, it could have been worse - imagine if all the horrible things you've done in private were replicated by cloning and turned into an entire species. Sunday lunch with the folks would #awkward.

Doctor Who Festival, 9.30am-6pm, November 13-15, £32.25-£116, Excel Centre