Victoria Park will host its Bonfire Night display on Saturday, November 7 , featuring fireworks timed to music, a great big fire and food and drinks stalls. But what are the origins of this explosive event?

1. Most people will know this, but Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes night, is a rather macabre celebration.

Guy Fawkes, who was part of the Gunpowder Plot, was guarding explosives under the Houses of Parliament back in 1605 on November 5 when he was rumbled and subsequently put to death.

The bonfire part of the celebration is apparently down to people lighting bonfires around London in celebration that King James I was not killed by the plotters.

2. Gunpowder was invented in China and used for both fireworks and weapons in the ninth century.

3 . About 90% of the world’s fireworks are still made in China.

4 . A rocket can reach speeds of 150mph and the shell can reach heights of 200 metres.

5. The record for the largest firework display was 66,326 fireworks – that was in Portugal in 2006.

6. The Walt Disney Company is apparently the world’s largest consumer of fireworks.

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