The Hyper Japan Christmas Market is returning to Tobacco Dock for its sixth year, promising visitors the usual taste of Japanese culture and cuisine.

The market kicks off on Friday, November 25th at 12noon and will feature a range of performers, special guests, exhibitors, food stalls, creative workshops and plenty of gift ideas.

For those looking to provide their friends and family with a kooky Christmas present, here are five products that will be available at the event.

Winter Plushies

If you know the kind of person who likes to cosy up with their plushie on a cold winter’s night then why not give them a seriously cute Alpacasso or Rlakkuma this Christmas.

Ninja Umbrellas

Does one of your friends fancy themselves to be one of the masked Japanese mercenaries? Then these ninja umbrellas are perfect, complete with dragon-patterned sheath and everything.

Japanese Artworks

Japan has been home to many outstanding artists over the centuries, including masters of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), sumi-e (ink paintings) and calligraphy. Treat a friend looking for some alternative decorations with one of these prints.

Japanese Handicrafts

Fancy a hairpin adorned with glass beads and a delicate crane? What about an Ichimatsu display doll wearing a kimino and obi sash? There are a wide array of traditional Japanese handicrafts including calligraphy, ceramics, figurines, and Japanese paintings.

Japanese Puzzle Box

Irritate your family and friends by confounding them with a himitsu-bao - a mysterious box which can only be opened using a specific series of pushes, pulls and turns.

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