In honour of the WWE Live Tour coming to The O2 on Friday, November 6, we choose our top five wrestlers from the show.

1. The Undertaker

Why? He’s 6ft 10inches and he comes from Death Valley – he was born to play this role.

2. Demon Kane

Why? The Undertaker’s brother is likely to be just as cool as him and Demon Kane is. His signature move is the Backbreaker.

3. Sasha Banks

Why? Her signature move is called the Bank Statement. We like a bit of humour in our wrestlers (or divas for the women).

4. Andre The Giant

Why? This is going pretty old school, but there is something about this 7ft 4inch French man. He was the undefeated World Tag Team Champion for nearly 15 years in WWE. Who can argue with that?

5 Charlotte

Why? She comes from The Queen City. Mm-huh. She is also the current Diva Champion, so she has to be pretty badass.

6.30pm, Friday, November 7,£30.25-£90.25, The O2